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Alfa Romeo

A.L.F.A., the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (Lombard Automobile Factory Ltd.) was founded on 24 June 1910. Nicola Romeo purchased it five years later, making it Alfa Romeo. He put resources into racing, which he considered a strategic objective. From the mid-twenties onward Alfa won a long series of prestigious victories, putting the Milan company centre stage. In 1933 Alfa Romeo became part of the state-owned IRI (Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale – the Industrial Reconstruction Institute), expanding into aircraft engines at the same time.

The post-war years marked a momentous turning-point for Alfa Romeo as its strategy focused on large-scale production; in 1951 it officially withdrew from racing after winning the first two Formula 1 World Championships.

With the “Giulietta” range of cars (1954) followed by the “Giulia” (1962), Alfa Romeo rode the wave of success and achieved high levels of sales. The Arese plant opened, and under its President Luraghi Alfa Romeo decided to officially return to racing. The very turbulent seventies saw models launched in to new market segments and a new plant at Pomigliano d’Arco, as well as renewed success in racing (World Sportscar Championship). In 1986 Alfa Romeo changed hands once again, and became part of the Fiat Group.

The rest is history...

Enzo Ferrari

Our Values

Alfa Romeo’s history is made up of people quite out of the ordinary: designers of genius, brilliant engineers and workers inspired by a shared instinct of perseverance and the pioneering spirit. The combined work of these talented individuals enabled them to overcome conformism, gave their creativity free rein, and brought to life the fundamental values of the Alfa Romeo brand.

The unmistakable ways in which these elements have combined are what distinguishes Alfa Romeo from every other brand on the worldwide automotive scene; every one of its cars shares that distinction.


Why Work for
Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo is poised to deliver an unprecedented level of product creation which is backed by a €5 billion investment in research and development. Starting with the forthcoming Giulia, we will introduce 8 all new models in key segments. These new vehicles will:

  • Feature best-in-class rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive architecture
  • Offer a range of high performance powertrain solutions for an unparalleled driving experience
  • Have unmistakable Alfa Romeo design
  • Offer cutting-edge technology
  • Be conceived, designed and built in Italy

Areas of Opportunity

Sales and Supply Chain Management

Our Sales team is responsible for managing stock, providing sales support to our network and ensuring optimal volume throughput in-line with our sales targets.

The Supply Chain Management team is responsible for sales planning, vehicle ordering and logistics.


The Aftersales team is responsible for service and aftersales activities. Areas include customer care, dealer network technical support and accessories and parts management. Challenges include:

  • Development of accessories brochures and kits
  • Development of service programs

Network Development

Network Development is responsible for managing our dealer network as well as for providing sales training support to our dealer network staff. In this team, typical challenges include:

  • Development and implementation of Corporate Identity guidelines
  • Ensuring dealer network compliance with Dealer standards
  • Development of video sales training content


The Finance team is responsible for business-wide financial reporting. It is also responsible for developing corporate financial strategy, consolidation and reporting of corporate financial data, cash management, financial controls, and tax management. Some of the challenges you could get involved with are:

  • Corporate finance, including accounting, tax, treasury and audit
  • Business case analysis for product lifecycle actions
  • Budget creation and forecasting


Our legal team is responsible for the development of commercial contracts. They also ensure compliance with any legal requirements and pre-empt and defend any legal challenges to the business.

People & Culture

We seek top talent to grow our brand. To attract, retain and develop the best talent, it takes an exceptional HR team.

As part of our People & Culture team, you’ll enjoy an exceptionally broad HR career path, with typical responsibilities including development of employee benefits programs, management of employee performance and skills development.


Our marketing team breathes life into our brand values and manages key brand health indicators. As part of the marketing team, you will be involved with:

  • ATL and BTL campaign development
  • Website and digital strategy management
  • CRM
  • Sponsorship and Events marketing
  • Point-of-Sale asset development


As part of our Product team, you will sit at the heart of the business and be responsible for product lifecycle management from strategic planning to tactical activities. Typical challenges include:

  • Business case development including competitive positioning
  • Product specification definition
  • Working closely with Marketing and PR colleagues to support marketing campaign development and product launches

Public Relations

Our PR team is responsible for promoting and protecting an outstanding reputation for the brand, the products and the leadership team.

This involves managing relationships with media. It also includes the planning and execution of Media Product Launches.

Corporate Social

At Alfa Romeo we understand the importance of giving back to society, and recognize that being a good corporate citizen means partnering with and actively working to make a positive, lasting impact on the communities in which we operate. As an Alfa Romeo employee you’re entitled to two days of volunteer leave annually to support a local charity or organization.


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